Offering modern looks, this frame is for the worker of today who wants to look at the top of their game. Success is our opening metal, price point frame, made completely of Monel Metal, with over 80 styles for men, women and unisex.

Success: XPL

Success: XPL is our trendy, hand-made, laminated, Zyl collection. Some with double or even triple laminations. With clean shapes and fun colors, this line offers modern fashion to a trendy customer. We offer this style for men, women and unisex of any age.

Success SMT

Success SMT is a collection of memory metal titanium. This lightweight frame is a reliable alternative for the traditional no-nonsense man, one that will always “remember” just how you like them. Now offering sizes for kids.

Success SST

This 100% stainless steel, hypoallergenic frame is a great look for professionals.

Value Eyes (VAL)

These everyday basic frames are made completely of Monel Metal, with styles for men, women and unisex.

Visual Eyes (VE)

Visual Eyes is one of our first collections, boasting clean lines and basic colors. This monel metal collection for men and women offers styles and durability for everyday life.

Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

LOL is our popular children’s collection, consisting of hand-made Zyl and Monel metal styles. We offer cable temples on a few styles. With bright colors and fun designs, this collection offers distinguishing frames that kids will love to show off.

Katelyn Laurene

Katelyn Laurene is our mature women’s collection of Monel metal styling. Women will love these simple designs that offer a discrete flirtiness.

Michael Adams

Michael Adams is our newest all men’s upscale line, featuring contemporary designs and classic looks. For the business man looking to make an impression, this line has it all with both titanium and monel metal frames and offering some 180° spring hinge temples.


These sporty frames offer versatility with their sleek lines and smooth shapes. Offering both full rim and semi-rimless in both metal and zyl, this sophisticated men’s line is sure to leave you looking suave.


Runway is a more fashion forward collection. We offer this collection for men, women and unisex in a variety of materials. With clean lines and trendy designs, these frames are for the go-getters of the world, wanting to look smart and put together.

Runway Couture

RCE is our highest fashion collection offering lots of embellishments for the fashion forward consumer. Offering these frames for men and women, this line is predominantly for women. With over the top temples and bold shapes, this is a high fashion line for those wanting to make a statement.

Runway Sunwear

RS is our collection of fashion sun wear, made as a 6 base RXable with full UV protection. This is a very fun collection of both hand-made, laminated plastics and metal for men and women. Designed with a flare, these sunglasses have something to offer for every consumer.

Runway Titanium

RT is a collection of mostly men’s 100% titanium. For the indestructible man, these frames offer resistance to wear and tear while offering a sleek look.

Runway Petite

Wanting to wedge the gap between our children’s collection and the more traditional sized women’s frames, this collection offers hip designs for the younger tween and smaller women. Offering both laminated plastics and metals, these trendy styles are sure to have appeal.

Runway Retro

Making a comeback once again, these classic frames are sure to always be in style. With the perfectly round shape made famous by some of our favorite icons, add some drama to your look with one of these cool styles. Runway Retro offers laminated Zyl pieces for unisex.

Runway Tween

Runway Tween is our new line for those teenagers looking to get away from the looks of their younger sibling, and become more hip like mom and dad. With sizes fit for teens, this collection gives them the opportunity to branch out of their younger days.

Runway Retro Tween

Runway Retro Tween is our retro line for teenagers. These hip shapes and angles make for the perfect accessories. Their dramatic looks are perfect for teens with a flare.

Runway Edge (RE)

Made entirely of TR-100, this frame line is extremely light-weight and durable. With great shape retention and adjustable nose pads, it’s the perfect fit.

Envy Eyewear

This all-women’s line shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have style. This collection has is all, including stainless steel, monel metal and even colourful plastics. Be the envy of every fashionista with Envy Eyewear.


Broaden your horizon with this all-men’s collection featuring pieces for both the stylish and the traditional man. This wide collection includes stainless steel, monel metal and plastics pieces for all occasions.

Legit Vision

With over 15 selections of girls, boys and unisex styles in metal and plastic, your child won’t be able to resist a Legit Vision frame.

Mia Rea

Beautiful trimmings showcase the luxurious designs in each Mia Rae style. For the glamorous woman wanting to add a little pizazz to her look, this collection is sure to please.


Elegance is in abundance with these excellently crafted designs. Made for the sophisticated woman exuding class, these stylish feminine designs have an everlasting appeal. Whether dressing up or going casual, every woman can feel beautiful in a Gisselle style.


This refined men’s line features bold shapes and rich colors perfect for an expensive look without the gaudy embellishments. The craftsmanship can surely be seen in each Lazzaro style with signature temple tips and trim pieces.

Oxford Gents

With an updated twist to classically inspired designs, this trendy collection consists of 6 men’s styles. Key hole bridges, blended colors and trendy flat front metal are just a few of the refined traditional incorporations that can be seen throughout the collection.

Nicole Designs

For the mature, sophisticated women looking for a casual to dressy look, Nicole Designs is the perfect pair. With rich colors and an eye for detail, these sophisticated designs are sure to spark an interest.

Luli Fama

Aside from the obvious high fashion design featured in every Luli Fama sunglass, these styles are made with zyl, a top quality handmade acetate great for ensuring lightness, and comfort. Keeping true to the Luli Fama brand, hardware and inspirations from the Luli Fama swimwear line are incorporated into each individual sunglass. From their signature hardware featured on each bathing suit, to their ever-inspiring patterns, Luli Fama sunglasses are sure to add spunk to any ensemble.

Blush Vision

Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion trends with these bigger, bolder and brighter designs. Stop fussing over adjustments with these larger bridges and temples, and enjoy the splash of color offered with each design.