Sunshine Optics is pleased to offer a wide variety of Anti-Reflective coatings to meet your needs. From the basic to the high-end, we’ve got you covered.

DuraCoat HEV features selective blue light blocking technology that helps minimize high-energy blue-violet light thereby reducing digital eye strain and visual discomfort caused by harmful blue light. HEV also provides protection against scratches, dust, moisture, smudges, and back-surface UV reflections. HEV AR is a premium choice for our customers for addressing digital eye strain associated with Computer Vision Syndrome, the number one computer-related eye health complaint in the U.S.

Iridio is our top-of-the-line premium AR coating that includes all the features of today’s best anti-reflective lens treatments. super-oleophobic AR lenses provide increased scratch resistance, offer unparalleled anti-static properties and address AR coating’s number one consumer complaint: Cleanability. In addition, Iridio provides advanced UV reflection protection. Iridio consits of ion-assisted AR stack, super slick top coat, and a newly developed back-surface UV reflection protection technology.

DuraCoat Plus anti-reflective technology provides reduced glare and reflection allowing more light to pass through the lens and reach the eye. DuraCoat Plus also provides increased scratch resistance to help enhance the longevity of your eyeglasses. The result is an advanced AR product with maximum customer satisfaction.

DuraCoat is a revolutionary development of the AR process that combines the latest technological advancements of premium anti-reflective application that results in a more durable, slicker, easier to clean anti-reflective product. It’s an affordable, durable, basic AR coat that can be applied to any lens.

SD2 is our premium thermally-cured dip-coat treatment for all lens types. This offers the best resistance against normal wear-and-tear scratches and extends the standard factory scratch warranty.

Premium Mirror Coat are available in either solid or flash densities, and come in an assortment of fashionable reflective colors.  With an exclusive double-sided thermally-cured hardcoat, a Bayer rating in excess of 7, a backside Stainless AR with LUV™ (Low UV reflection) technology and a premium oleophobic top layer, Ice is the premium mirror coating available today. Each pair of Ice lenses is guaranteed against cracking, peeling, crazing and scratching. A sample kit of available colors can be ordered from Sunshine Optics.