enVue Lenses

The future of progressive lens designs is here

Thanks to new tools of surface’s optimization combined with the know-how and expertise of our designers a new generation of progressive lens designs is here

High-performance progressive lens


Performance in a progressive lens means the widest and cleanest fields of vision, means precision and means efficiency.

A visual solution that coherently evolves with the patient

EnVue Max uses a unique industrial science that keeps the near visual field constant when consumer addition grows, offering a visual solution that coherently evolves with the patient. The near area in common progressive lenses is reduced when the addition grows. This is caused by the increase of unwanted astigmatism that comes with increased addition.

enVue Max, passion for performance

Designed for those consumers with a passion for performance. Users looking for the best features. They like to reach the edge. They look for panoramic vision. Ideal for demanding users of wider fields of vision in all distances.

10 Designs to choose from

enVue EZ – A cost effective digital progressive

enVue SV – A digital fully compensated and personalized single vision lens

enVue Pre – A single vision lens designed for your pre-presbiotic patients

enVue Office – An Occupational lens great for the patients that spend their days working in near to intermediate distances.

enVue GT – A progressive lens design for the professional driver or anyone who spends a large amout of time behind the wheel.

enVue Metric – A progressive design to meet the average patients needs

enVue Lux – A premium progressive that offers great adaptability

enVue Max – The next generation of progressive lens designs

enVue Curv – A premium digital lens available in SV or progressive designs specific for large high wrap frames